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Releasing personal potential through the arts.

What is ArtsInferno?

ArtsInferno is a cutting-edge multi-sensory program that utilizes an array of creative arts activities as integral tools for building academic, professional, and personal skills. Music, poetry, technology, architecture, dance, painting, journaling, sketchbooking, etc. all converge into a single, powerful, and individualized model that matches the participant’s goals.

Who is ArtsInferno for?

ArtsInferno is for anyone, adults or children, who wish to explore their creative potential more fully and then apply the results to their professional, academic, or personal life. ArtsInferno’s fundamental caveat is that being creative is not a special activity that is separate from everyday life but rather a fundamental element of human existence that must be lived in each moment. Therefore, participants in the program are given both practical and inspiring guidance on how to implement new and compelling strategies into the fabric of their daily routine.

How are results achieved?

Through thought-provoking and entertaining exercise, the participant identifies his or her creative strengths and perceived weaknesses and how he or she would like to see their potential applied to his or her life. Then, custom designed arts activities are introduced that support and help realize the goals. The intent of the program is for the participant to become as self-sufficient in their creative endeavors as soon as possible.

What if I’m not creative?

The idea that individuals are not creative is a crippling falsehood. Every human being is fundamentally creative. The fact is that societal, peer, and personal pressure often squelches creative desire and activity very early in life. ArtsInferno takes its name because it is designed to foster an explosion of new ideas and attitudes in the participant that are either dormant or have never been experienced. Creativity needs to be viewed as a practical not a special skill!

How is this program practical for me?

Who couldn’t benefit from new ways of thinking and strategizing about work and life? Often, creative thinking is penalized or minimized because it is perceived as too individualistic and not practical. Nothing could be further from the truth! By bringing simple yet effective creative strategies to your life, you not only create a fresh energy for yourself but all those that you come into contact with. Being creative strengthens relationships and allows new ones to emerge. Years of performing and reaching out to people has taught me that people desire authentic experiences, especially in our sound byte and harried world. If you serve as a provider of these authentic and creative experiences, you are giving yourself a powerful tool that unfortunately, most people neglect or never develop.

Is it appropriate for children?

Yes. ArtsInferno is based on research involving multiple intelligences, personal work with learning differences (dyslexia, ADD, ADHD) and gifted and talented students, and years of experiential learning that has resulted in a record of outstanding achievement for the teacher, Rob Levit. The major influences for ArtsInferno include the inspiring learning methods innovated by The Summit School in Edgewater, MD, the book The Power of the Arts by The Lab School Director Sally L. Smith, Gary Zukav, James Allen, Harold Gardner, and others.

How will my child benefit?

  • If your child is talented and gifted, he or she may not be receiving all the creative challenges at school or home that he or she desires. He or she will have a chance to create special independent projects that complement the work being done at school and be challenged on the level they deserve.
  • If your child has learning differences, research has shown that arts activities create new avenues to learning where traditional ones have failed and allow students to succeed on their own terms. The activities are multi-sensory and therefore free from the anxiety and sense of failure that reading and writing can often bring. A child can have a learning difference and also be gifted and talented. Arts activities often bridge the gap! If a learning difference is detected, the teacher, if desired by the parent, will refer the parent to experts for professional advice.
  • If your child is a “typical” student, ArtsInferno helps awaken their passion for accomplishment and discovers hidden talents that will benefit them in school and beyond.
  • ArtsInferno may be utilized as a complement to your child’s curriculum. When students create arts projects based around what they are doing at school, learning comes alive, is memorable, and the subject matter more flexible!

How does the parent participate?

The parents are fully engaged in studying their child’s learning process. Amazingly, many parents are unaware of the nuances of how their child learns, creates, and thinks. ArtsInferno creates a golden opportunity for parents to quietly observe their child in action rather than passively accept the results of well-intentioned but often misleading tests. Through observation, discussion, and journaling, the parent is fully engaged in the ArtsInferno program so that they can leave with a dynamic set of tools that can be applied regularly in the home.

How do I contact Rob?

Phone: 410-263-6265
Cell: 410-279-3809
E-mail: levit@toad.net
Web: www.roblevit.com

Rob is inspired by the writings of James Allen:

“We shall return again and again to the inspiring dreams of childhood and find that they are, after all, realities.”

“Be sure, first of all, that you are making the best of what you have. It is useless to desire more time, if you are wasting what little time you have.”

“Cherish your visions, cherish your ideals, cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts … if you remain true to them, your world will at last be built.”

© Rob Levit/ArtsInferno


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