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Thoughts On Creativity


  • All creative activity finds its potential in Silence.
  • Silence is the actual or imaginary pre-state of thoughts and things.


  • The generator for all creative activity is the Infinite Energy of the Universe.
  • It is immediately accessible.
  • It is eternally available.


  • Creativity is the natural state of the Universe. It is not dependent on anything or anyone.
  • Creativity is the absence of fear.
  • Creativity is a reminder of where we come from.
  • Creativity is always flowing. It is our decision to get in its way or to be open to it.
  • We spend lots of time creating ways to impede flow and very few to expand it.
  • Creativity is not a choice.
  • Creativity exists beyond judgment.

Being and Becoming

  • The creative moment exists at the intersection of Being and Becoming.
  • The realization that each moment is the nexus of Being and Becoming allows us to always be creative.

The Creative Imperative

  • To be creative is humanity’s highest calling. All decisions and actions must flow from the creative act.
  • To understand the origin and the why of creativity is an essential study.

Creativity in Context

  • Creativity for the exclusive use of an individual or a group is selfish.
  • It is only through sharing that creativity is given its proper context.
  • Home and community are the immediate starting points for sharing creativity.

Sacred Responsibility

  • If you are a creative individual and you can feel it and sense it, then it is your Sacred Responsibility to share your creative gifts freely to the world.


  • Failure is an artificial construct.
  • A sense of failure is often passed on to others – willingly, unknowingly, and sometimes maliciously.
  • Failure often serves as a convenient excuse for the abdication of responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Failure is the result of not connecting with the Infinite Timeline and the Infinite Context. When judgment of Time and Context are removed, creativity flourishes
  • Part of Sacred Responsibility is to help others connect with the Infinite Timeline and the Infinite Context in their own way.


  • Improvisation is the action that triggers creativity in the moment.
  • The ability to improvise depends on one’s ability to use past experiences as a starting point for action rather than the endpoint.
  • Intuition (a decision based on now) is the key to creativity.
  • It is up to the individual to decide how that creative energy is utilized, allocated, and what their relationship to that energy is.


  • There is no such thing as a neutral action.
  • Creativity requires full participation.
  • Anything less than full participation allows for the possibility of destruction.
  • An individual is either contributing to creative process or not.


  • All ideas, beings, and objects can serve as triggers for creative action.
  • Imagination is all that separates an individual from sensing and intuiting the entire Universe as a trigger.
  • Boredom is a function of having few if any triggers.
  • Part of Sacred Responsibility is illuminating life for others so that they may see the beauty of the Universe for themselves and express it in their own way.


  • Practice is action.
  • Practice is unqualified doing.
  • Practice is performance
  • Performance is practice.
  • Practice is meditation in action.
  • Practice is repetition.

© Rob Levit 2003


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