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theories of science are espoused then devoured by scholars of every stripe who begin to argue and gripe and then ostracize the very men they once embraced and talk behind their backs instead of face to face until a new order is erected and accepted then the process begins again and ideas upon ideas are replaced the new theory suddenly old the outsider bold and discrediting the master with one new formula or thesis finally told to the legions that wait in anticipation to apply for next years’ grants so they huddle together and forge a unified stance that takes about a minute (or an eternity) a dancing dialectic of deduction and induction seems to be science’s way of discovery and construction but perhaps that is not the way to forge true innovation that will last longer than another short-sighted day where the net results are gray and end up in the hands and pockets of the very men who hold the keys to our future who seek to please only their desire to win a prize or sell to the highest bidder.

Rob Levit

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