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    Releases from Symbol System Records
Featuring Rob Levit
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A new CD from Rob Levit:

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Songs of Healing/Hospice of the Chesapeake

In this unique solo guitar recording, Rob Levit has created a sonic environment that is peaceful, accessible, and contemplative. The CD is now in its second printing and is Rob's most popular album to date! Great music for a great cause. 1500 copies distributed to friends, families and employees of Hospice of the Chesapeake.


A new CD from Rob Levit:

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Motivate to Create

In this dynamic one hour spoken word and music presentation, you will learn about the spiritual basis of creativity, eight easy activities that you can engage in to bring creativity to your daily life, and how to learn and teach effectively. Award-winning musician, artist, and speaker Rob Levit combines timeless spiritual wisdom, personal anecdotes, and practical advice that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to create!

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Touch the Spirit- 2005


Touch the Spirit
Sunken Cathedral
The Traveler

The Gift of Lilies
Disjunction Blues

The Atonement
The Journey West
The Stranger

Through the Gap
Drum Wisdom
My Empress Shal Not Weep
The Borderland
The Bridge
Song for Christopher
A Flash of Joy
Naked Blues
Forgotten Song
The Ancient
The Last Step

" remember, from just this little part, how lovely was the song, how wonderful the setting where you heard it, and how you loved those who were there and listened with you."

- A Course In Miracles ©


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Uncertain Path - 2004


Fields of Gold
Uncertain Path
After You
(for Elaine)
Safe Returns
(In Memoriam 911)
Sophia / Solace
Daily Grind Blues
Ballad #3
The Undoing
(for Jaya)
Moving Closer
Waiting in Vain

"Life is an uncertain path..."

Rob Levit

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Anatomy of Ecstacy- 2004


Disk 2

open sky
shattered love
window of chance
beat prophecy
delta sleep
silent offering
cross-village communication
i dance in your light
the aquisition of things
pre-dusk light
dawn unfolds
step into the light

Rob Levit, in a radical departure from his jazz roots, explores the relationship between sound and the visual arts.

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The Key- 2002


Children's Games
Yarn Song
Seven Empty

So Goes the Time

Lady of the Desert
September 19th
Turn About

Where Did China Go?
The Key
Sky Bound
Tastes Like Chicken

"The Key features a colorful and aromatic bouqet of songs with words and music by cowriter/guitarist/violinist Robin Jung in lush, intricate arrangement by cowriter/conductor Rob Levit... The supporting cast of musicians is stellar, including Max Murray (Tom Lagana Group) and Mark Schatz (Tim O'Brien, Bela Fleck) alternating on bass, and Frank Russo on drums."

MB, Chesapeake Music Guide


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Tao of Vito - 2001


Contact/Hunting for Head
Dirty Water

Spirit Dance

Follow My Line
Vito's Gambit

The Visitor

Experimental Groove Fusion with Jonesy on bass and Kirby on drums. Part James Brown, part King Crimson, part space jam.


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  Joy of My Life - 2000

Featuring flutist Nancy Stagnitta, Meritage features Rob's original compositions seamlessly fusing jazz, world, and classical influences through improvisation.


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Tree O - 2001

Organic Tangerine Dream and Fusion.
Soundscapes featuring Marimba.

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  Songs I Love- 2001

A collection of contemporary standards not watered-down like smooth jazz but turned into full-fledged tunes for improv. Melodic and accessible.

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  Levitation - 2000

Adventurous space rock featuring exotic percussion, fuzzy guitars, Middle Eastern jams, and odd guitar tones and textures. With Todd Harrison (drums) and John Pineda (bass).

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  Energy Fields - 2000

A total act of studio improv! Completed in a fit of creative rage this solo CD features Rob processing feedback, loops, spoken word into a complete sonic landscape.

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All selections on this recording, with the exception of "Thanksgiving", are freely improvised vignettes involving little to no discussion or preplanning. We have tried to present this music as spontaneous and true to the spirit of improvisation as possible. We hope you enjoy "Shadowmusic".

Ben Kono : oboe, clarinet, flute, bamboo flutes, reeds.

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  SNAPSHOT - 2000

What happens when three friends get together on two afternoons in Annapolis to create some jazz? The result is SNAPSHOT, an informal and intimate portrait of a trio.

Mike Noonan : vibraphone
John Pineda : bass

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  SILENCE - 1999
Newly Reissued on Symbol System.

Fifty-two short pieces with Rob's acoustic guitar and other assorted instruments including marimba, oboe, oscillator, and percussion. Rob is joined by musicians from disciplines as diverse as chamber music and experimental rock yet the fragments knit themselves into a bold, cohesive, startling, totally unexpected musical statement.

Simeon : electronics
Ben Kono : flute, bamboo flute, clarinet, oboe
Mike Noonan : marimba
Mike Smith : percussion


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Featuring the stunningly lyrical saxophone of Chris Cheek (Paul Motian Electic Bebop Band),the Rob Levit Group navigates through ten complex originals touching on extended structures, minimalism, bebop, and free jazz along the way.

Chris Cheek : tenor and soprano saxophone
John Mettam : percussion
Stephan Crump : bass

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Recorded shortly after a band residency at the University of Virginia, Afterimage features the award-winning composition Rubicon. A journey into odd-meters, boisterous romps, and quiet lyricism.

Chris Cheek : tenor and soprano saxophones
John Mettam : percussion
Stephan Crump : bass

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Rob Levit's debut as a leader. This is the record responsible for a critically-acclaimed performance at the 1995 Boston Globe Jazz Festival. It features two of the finest unheralded musicians on the planet, flutist Michel Gentile and bassist Bob Nieske (long-time sideman to Jimmy Giuffre).

George Schuller : drums
Dave Ballou : trumpet

© 2003 Rob Levit