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A new metaphor in jasmine-scented tea
A projected world of personal artistry
A creative ideal in the building next door
Architectural genius in musical form

Symphony of strings, winds, and percussion
Fills the body with sensation
Like herb tea streaming through the veins
Galloping with energy reflective in the manes
Of Chincoteague horses haunting the dunes

Such passion and grace the concerto projects
In its magnitude and scope, east meeting west
The subtle margin between border and sky
Delineate the rest from infinite variety
Of variegated music -- clear and pulsing, smooth jagged glass

Covering the building next door
A vision of mastery to the top floor
A secular temple open to the masses
Without brick or mortar, a vertical hymn
Music creates its structure, a geometric rapture
That no blueprint or score can adequately capture.

Rob Levit

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